Well Hello – Doodlebug!

Well Hello, lets show off Doodlebug’s Hello collection! Hey Magpies, it’s Rachel here and I am so excited to share this month. I picked the Hello collection from Doodlebug and I could not have loved it more, seriously, I have nine LO’s to share…… NINE! I couldn’t stop making them.
I shall try and keep my usual waffle to a minimum because there’s a lot of LOs to share. But I do want to say, I was quite reluctant to choose this collection for my blog post. I dithered about choosing and finally went oh I’ll have that. I thought it wasn’t my style and Doodlebug was maybe a bit twee for me? Man, I was so WRONG! This is totally my style and if it’s twee, then so am I lol! I am so glad I stepped out of my box and tried this and I will be eagerly awaiting new collections from Doodlebug from now on. So if you Magpies are feeling like you’re stuck in a scrapping rut or just feeling a little stale, definitely try shopping from a different manufacturer for a change, it sure worked for me!
This was the first LO I did, the day I got my box of stash! I cut apart the 4×3 cards paper and decided to chuck some down on a LO. I cut my photo to 4×3 as well and made a simple grid. I think grids are my lane, that’s where I’m meant to be and this collection bounced me straight back there. I put some washi tape above and below the grid, I ripped the bottom piece as I was sticking it so I just left a gap there and carried on sticking it down! Then some of the Die-Cuts and I must say, those packs of Die-Cuts are immense! There’s so many bits in both packs and they’re so big too, much larger than traditional packs of ephemera & die-cuts. I know they’re a bit more expensive than the usual ephemera/die cut pack but they’re so worth the price, you get loads in there.
Ok, if you’re buying the Hello collection, you have to pick up these Paige Evans Mini Foam Thickers and maybe these Auburn Lane ones too. The Paige Evans ones are the perfect navy that matches the Hello collection, and you get a sheet of white ones in that pack too. The Auburn Lane ones are gold and rose gold so they match the gold accents in Hello. I have used both packs on this LO, the gold up the top on the typewriter card and the navy on the bottom with the telephone hello card to make my title.

I managed to do this LO on the same day as the one above, once I was on a grid roll, I was off and running! I got my photo and then cut 3 bits of paper the same size. I would have loved the 6×6 Paper Pad in this collection but it wasn’t available when I ordered so I made do with the 12×12 sheets. I made another grid and put a couple of strips down each side. Then I topped and bottomed it with border stickers from the 12×12 sticker sheet. I could have used a ton of those border stickers, they’re great! Some Nuvo dots in Carnation Pink went down the sides. I picked some more of the Die-Cuts on some foam pads and my title is an acrylic one from Elles Studio.

I decided to deviate from the grid a little bit for this next LO and cut a big circle from paper instead. Then I layered my photo on some of the pink, turquoise and green paper. My title is from the Die-Cuts pack and then I layered up loads more of the Die-Cuts from both packs across the bottom of the LO. I was having a bit of a tough time when I created this so it turned into a bit of an affirmation LO! I bordered my LO with Nuvo Crystal Drops in Carnation Pink, Caribbean Ocean and Apple Green as these 3 colours match the Helllo collection perfectly!

I was back to a good old grid LO for this one and picked my photo, then cut strips of papers to go horizontally and vertically. One of the strips is from the strips paper in the Hello collection too. Then there’s stickers from the sticker sheets and a border from the 12×12 sticker sheet. My title and some of the other bits are Die-Cuts. How cute are those birdies!

This next LO came about because I kept cutting the cut-off strips from the bottom of the papers, but they had these cute little rectangles of the pattern on the other side of the paper on them. So I started cutting them out. Then I wanted to use them, so I did, they’re the little strips down the left hand side of the photo here. I used some of the strips from the strips paper at the top and bottom and the some Nuvo dots. I finished off with more stickers and the title is from the 12×12 sticker sheet. I have also used the little enamel camera from the Sprinkles pack and those little shapes are so cute and awesome! They are definitely worth their price, they’re lush embellishments.

This next LO is very similar in design to the one above. Just a large piece of paper in the middle with the photo on and then some strips from the strips paper above and below. A nice simple design which you can use over and over again and change it up with the embellishing. I have used some of the Die-Cuts and stickers, the Enamel Sprinkles and some Nuvo Dots. My title is the Paige Evans Mini Foam Thickers which I mentioned before and the other alphabet was Pinkfresh Studio, A Case of the Blahs which is out of stock now but way to go if you managed to snag that one cause it’s super awesome!

Once again, it’s a grid! I started with my photo (I get them printed as retro prints, like Polaroids) and put one of the 4×3 journalling cards beside. A couple of strips of paper and my grid is done. I’ve bottomed and topped with Nuvo Dots in Caribbean Ocean and Rhubarb Crumble (don’t be fooled by the picture of that one, it’s definitely more of a deep pink than a red). My title and other bits are from the Die-Cuts packs and I built up a cluster of flowers and leaves from the packs too. There’s some of the Flower Sprinkles in there too.

There’s a little bit more on this LO. It sort of grew out of me wanting to make a larger title and fiddling around with scraps of papers, you know how LO’s just evolve! Lots of strips here and some of the border stickers from the 12×12 sheet. Theres some of the Die-Cuts and the title is built around them too. I also used the same alphabets I have mentioned above. I also used some of the excellent Tropical Punch Sprinkles from the Doodlebug Sweet Summer collection. I love those great little cocktail glasses and had to buy a second pack since I do a lot of LO’s about my friends and I…. ahem…. drinking! There’s also a couple of stickers from MAMBI, Icon Stickers – Drinks I had to buy that book of stickers too!

I’m adding this LO in as an extra but it’s just a copy of the Me & You grid LO above. I did it for myself and have shared it on my FB if you saw it there but I thought I’d add it here too since it’s almost all the Hello collection again. Just a simple grid design, a border from the 12×12 sticker sheet below and some Nuvo Dots. I used the navy Paige Evans Thickers again and some older Fancy Pants ones. Then I used some stickers, some old wood veneer cats and little photo turns to finish off.

So there you go, I very quickly bashed out 9 LOs with the Hello collection from Doodlebug and I loved using it. I even went back and bought more cause I definitely want to keep a stash of this collection for when I get stuck in a rut again! I definitely suggest stepping out of your comfort zone occasionally. You might get a lovely surprise like I did and find a gem of a collection which you can use over and over again!
See you next month and I’ve got the new Amy Tangerine collection, Shine On in my hot little hands ready to start creating for September! See you then Magpies xXx

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