* * Using Washi Tape in Scrapbooking * *

Hello, it’s Laura here and I want to share with you my new love addiction… washi tape.. but in particular the gorgeous Bella BLVD designer tape. 
Washi tape orginated in Japan but quickly became very popular with scrapbookers all over the world.  Washi tape is basically colourful masking tape.  It is low tack like masking tape which means that it can safely be stuck down and lifted back up without making a mark.  It is traditionally made from rice paper. 
Washi tape is perfect for the lazy scrapbooker like me as it is just so easy, quick and simple to use!
 You can rip it, cut it, write on it, stick with it, decorate with it,  reposition it….
It seems that the scrapbooking manufacturers have realised the HUGE hit that washi has become and slowly the tape is finding it’s way into several company ranges.  I adore the Bella BLVD tapes, the colours are so vibrant and bright, the tape itself is slightly silky making it gorgeous to write on and add to your paper projects.  I would recommened using a permanent pen (like a Sharpie) to write on these though to make sure that your writing stays put!
So what do I use this new love for? Like many other scrapbookers out there I am completing my own 2012 Project Life album, a huge undertaking to complete every week.  Washi tape is just PERFECT for this project as it can be added to photos so quickly.  I mainly use the tape as a quick journalling sticker, writing directly on top with a permanent pen.  Or I use it as a “lift” underneath small letter stickers to make a title stand out.  Or I use it like I would a border sticker or a scrap of paper and it becomes an embellishment in it’s own right.
Did I already mention how quick this is? And how I love it for that.  I love creating but I love creating quickly, my scrap time is limited and I need to maximise the time that I have.  Washi tape works so well for me, it’s already the perfect width, no need to cut it down or find the right size.  It’s sticky already, no need to add glue, or tape, or find another way to stick it down.  It’s ready to go right on the roll.  But it’s also re-positionable, so I don’t need to “plan” where to stick it down, because if all goes wrong and I need to start over or move things around, well then this washi tape will just lift right up, leaving no nasty sticky residue!
I made this layout in 30 minutes.  Using three pieces of 6×6 patterened paper, a journalling block and the Bella Blvd washi tape filled any gaps, it served as a “jointer” between two different types of patterened paper.  I also used the tape to provide a base for my sub-titles made from smaller letter stickers.
I probably used about 6 inches of each colour tape on this layout, the rolls come with 360 inches of tape!!! whoop! For only £3.25, that’s a fantastic bargain right!!
A few of the colours are currently out of stock at Sarah’s Cards, but there are a few remaining here, so grab them while you can.  They are a wonderful, useful, colourful and wonderful (yes, I know I said that twice but it really is) addition to your stash!

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