Take A Trip – Travel-Sized Memory Keeping

Hey there Magpies! The moment I got back from Plannercon Europe in Brussels, I knew I had to share how I would be memory keeping my trip! I got a tonne of swag from the event, and I also made sure to keep lots of keepsakes from the different places I visited all in preparation for a major memory keeping sesh!

A Memory Keeping Masterclass

There were lots of amazing freebies in the swag bag as well as items I got from the destash table. The first thing I did when I sat down to memory keep was sort out all the pieces I wanted to use. In some cases I had to cut down items like this take out bag from a cafe I went to.

Then, of course, I had to print out my photos. Once again I grabbed my HP Sprocket and made sure to brighten my images before printing.

For this memory keeping spread I wanted to try something a bit different. I chose to use Amy Tangerine stickers instead of my classic Happy Planner sticker value packs. If you’ve ever followed Amy, you’ll know that she does this style of memory keeping a lot so it felt natural to use her stickers. I especially love her collaboration sticker book with American Crafts because it contains these fun letter stickers.

As I knew I had a lot of elements for this spread I decided to use notebook paper instead of my weekly pages. It also meant my creativity could spill out and I could fill up more space with pictures. The Squad Life Happy Notes lined notebook from the Happy Planner is the perfect place to memory keep. The bright pink pages are adorable and, because it is Classic sized they can fit right into your planner!

To begin with, I placed my photos and other elements. On this page, I also used some of my hotel key card wallet. Then once the positioning was right I stuck them down. I followed up with the stickers. This gold ‘major heart eyes’ was literally my reaction when I saw the Grand Place. Just a note, the sticker is really fiddly so be careful if you’re using it!

Time To Get Technical

Now I am excited about this little planner hack! If you’re printing photos, of any size, but especially pocket printer ones, the Happy Planner Box Punch becomes a very important tool. It punches out the exact size of the Classic Happy Planner boxes! Perfect if you want to fit something in your planner, be it a photo or scrapbook paper. And the punch also comes in Big!

So I grabbed my punch and a couple of my photos, as well as this Colourful Boxes sticker pad. I used the punch to make my photos smaller, then created these little photo doors so I could put multiple pictures in one place!

Again it’s a little bit fiddly but the effect is fantastic! Take a double box sticker and fold it in half carefully, pressing the paper side together not the sticker side! Then take one of your now smaller photos and press it to the sticker side. It should cover one half of the folded section pretty perfectly. You can use either side of the sticker, depending on how you want the door to open. Finally, press the remaining sticky side to the paper and voila! One awsome sticker door ready to roll.

You can also put another photo on the inside, like I did, or just fill the space with more stickers or a bit of secret journalling. Really, the sky is the limit with this idea. They can fold to open horizontally too, and you could even do the same trick with Big or Mini stickers for different sizes. But if this all sounds a bit much, the Happy Planner also make premade Flip Journalling Stickers that are already folded over so all you have to do is use them!

Punch It

Another brilliant tool is the Happy Planner Punch. Again it comes in Classic and Big and is an essential piece of kit if you use a Happy Planner. It lets you punch any pages with the right holes to fit the discs. I used my Classic punch to add this brochure and map I got from a museum into my memory keeping spread.

Just a heads up, with thicker items, like these you will need to only punch a couple of pages at a time as the mechanism can’t handle a thick stack of paper.

That Final Flip Through

When it comes to memory keeping I do like to let the pictures and stickers speak for themselves. There is room here for me to add some notes but it’s not essential.

I did use a few stickers I received from the event because they are of key Brussels’ landmarks. And it saves me from writing!

In the end, I documented two days of my trip. On the Thursday I was mainly travelling so I have documented my train journeys and hotel.

On the Friday, I did a lot of sightseeing. I walked all over Brussels and even went to the museum, hence the ticket and broucheurs.

Aside from all my photos and keepsakes, the Amy Tangerine stickers just add little bits of positivity. This quote is one of my all time favourties from the Stay Sweet sticker book.

And That’s A Wrap

Well, there we go Magpies, a little look at how I memory keep after a trip. As you can see it doesn’t have to be perfect and can really just be a case of sticking things you like to the page. And with that, I leave you. This is my last post, so I hope you’ve enjoyed all the planner goodies I’ve shared with you and it’s inspired you to get creative in your own planners. Go HERE for an archive of all of my posts, and if you want to keep following me do check out my Instagram, @veryimportantplans. Until we meet again. Stay golden Magpies! Victoria xoxo

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