Spice it up and a dash of ketchup.

How did the title of this post grab you ? I hope it got you interested. I love thinking up far fetched titles for my layouts. Why settle for generic titles like Smile and Dream when you could have “Your beautiful smile”, “Your enigmatic smile” or even “Your cheesy smile”.

My layout today is nothing to do with a smile but about our day out to Aarhus in Denmark. It is called “Drum boat, wedding ring and the exploding ketchup”.

We went to see the Tollund man at Silkerborg museum but that is a story for another day. On the way back, we wanted to stop somewhere for lunch so we pointed the car in the direction of the nearest city, in this case Aarhus. It was a quick walk around town, pick a restaurant and lunch followed. We took a quick photo after lunch and then we left.But that’s all very boring, right ? How do I spin this tale a bit more ?

When we arrived we saw some young people towing a boat in the river…they have also decorated it with all manner of twigs and branches. During our lunch, they started going up and down river, drumming madly. I am not sure what for. Then we were stopped by a young lady who wanted to see my wedding ring. A young chap was also very interested in my son’s yellow t-shirt. It turned out they were students. They were playing a game where they have to find an assortment of things around the city. Rag week, I expect.

What about the ketchup ? Well, by now we are in the restaurant. A lady at another table opened a ketchup bottle and the content shot out everywhere, up the wall, on the floor, on the dear lady and her companion…luckily we were out of firing range.

Finally, here’s the layout. Hope you have also enjoyed the story time.

I would love to know if you have done something similar. Please do share the titles of some of your wildest adventure. If you haven’t, how about giving this a go…a day out needn’t just be a day out! Let’s get the ball rolling. I am planning, four swept by tornado (the water slide is called tornado) and escapades across islands (fly drive!).

I have used papers and stickers from October Afternoon Sidewalk collection.

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