Ready For The Dailies – Diving Into Daily Planning

Hi there, Magpies! It’s Victoria, and I’m back with another post! This week I’m looking at adding daily planning into your Happy Planner. Most Happy Planners are set out weekly, with the seven days spread out over a two-page layout and a sidebar on the left. Now, this is often enough space for everything you have to do in a week but every so often a day comes along with so many to dos, appointments and things to remember that you just need more room! And that is where daily planning comes in!

Paper, Paper, Paper

There are loads of different ways to try daily planning. You could just grab a scrap piece of paper and scribble out all the things you need to do. Or open up a note on your phone to make a list throughout the day. But let’s face it nothing beats a cute planner layout that you can pop into your Happy Planner at the end of the day! And the guys over at the Happy Planner make it so easy with tonnes of different kinds of note paper that fit right into your planner. My top three favourites for daily planning are the Super Mom daily sheets, the Classic daily sheets and Classic dot grid paper.

The Super Mom daily sheets have a great dot grid section on the back, a health and wellness area and a space for to buys. They come in this wonderful yellow and a mellow light blue.

Who doesn’t need a huge brain dump space? The Classic daily sheets have lots of room, especially for to dos. And daily gratitude is a must, so it’s perfect that there’s a space all ready for it.

Classic dot grid paper is just that, classic! Perfect for everything and anything, I can’t live without it!

Go Ahead And Plan

So you’re thinking about daily planning or maybe a super busy day just creeps up on you, either way, you need to have your week all planned out. This week I decided to mainly stick with one sticker pack for my layout. I chose the Super Fun multipack, so I had the option of using stickers, sticky notes and card stock!

Like I usually do, I started by putting in my big events, birthdays and my work schedule. I also added some habit stickers to the sidebar so I can keep on track with my little goals for the week.

I love an inspiring, full box sticker. I like to use them to block off a large chunk of time when I know I will be doing one thing. For example, on Thursday I am going to be in training all day, so I used this super cute unicorn sticker to fill up the space and keep me motivated!

Finally, I put a journaling card in my spread so I can write down what I am grateful for this week. That’s one of the best things about the disc-bound system, you can easily add extra paper or a cute card to your layout and quickly gain more space and decoration.

Put It All Down

With my week planned, I popped in my blank daily sheets and got on with it. Each morning to set up my day I grabbed a sheet and wrote down all my to dos and appointments.


On Monday I went for the Classic daily sheet. I love the long to do list where I can go into detail about what I need to do. In the timeline, I used a box sticker from the Colourful Boxes sticker value pack to highlight my lesson. I also set up time blocks to show where I spent the most time during my day. Overall, I like to keep my daily sheets pretty simple and clean. It helps me focus and get to my to do list. I didn’t end up needing the brain dump section. However, I often doodle on it or even do a spot of memory keeping!


Tuesday was a work day so I needed to keep it even more basic and simple. I had a couple of events in the afternoon so I made sure to mark them down. Then I tried some minimalist decoration by cutting up a sticker from the Super Mom multipack. Honestly, I’m not 100% pleased with how it came out, but that is planning! Sometimes it’s super cute, and sometimes it’s a little rough around the edges! On the back of the page, I set up a couple of lists and journaling space even though I never got round to using them! I decorated the back with stickers from the Super Mom multipack and the Happy Memory Keeping Everyday Memories sticker value pack to keep it cute and fun!


I mocked up my own daily sheet on Wednesday. Using the Classic dot grid paper and a couple of my favourite pens I set up a couple of boxes. One for to dos, and another for things to remember. I used succulent stickers from the Happy Memory Keeping Everyday Memories sticker value pack as decoration. And I used the Planner Basics sticker value pack for the practical and hand-lettered stickers. If you’re a bullet journaler or would like to be, it’s very easy to create your own layouts like this one. And the Happy Planner system is great for bullet journaling because you can pop the pages in and out, unlike in a traditional notebook.

That Mid-Week Spread Though

Whilst I use the daily sheets I also keep my weekly spread filled in. I use it to forward plan and keep track of all my events in one place. The weekly spread is my big picture, and the daily sheets go into detail. For an all-round view of your time, I have found this method really works, and it gives you more space to be creative in your planner! Give it a try the next time you have a busy day!

Well, Magpies that’s it again! Thank you for joining me on this whistle-stop tour of daily planning. Want to see how this week finished up or some more daily planning? Check out my Instagram @veryimportantplans where I create and post all things planner! I will be back on the 5th of February. Can’t wait! Stay golden Magpies!

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