One blueprint, three layouts

The trend for patchwork on layouts is very popular right now. I am particularly drawn to my earliest patchwork pattern, the hexagon. I remember working with my grandmother, cutting out paper templates, cutting out the fabric, stitching the paper template inside the fabric…I remember, she had more patience that me!

I tried looking for a hexagon punch without luck. I reckon, the punches manufacturers are (probably) a season behind the paper people. I looked on the internet and found some printable templates instead. You can even vary the size of the hexagons…COOL ( or as on The Voice would say, Dope! ).

I printed three sizes, 1.5″, 1″ and 0.75″. I cut out a hexagon from each sheet to use as template.

I used the three different sizes of hexagon and drew an interesting arrangement on a white cardstock. This becomes my blueprint for 3 layouts.

Next I cut out some patterned papers into hexagons and attach them to the background cardstock. I added a photo and suitable embellishments and came up with my first layout.

I rotated the blue print for my next layout and made my second layout.

For my last layout, I wanted less colour and more texture so I used embossed hexagons and even scrap of lace. 
Here’s a close up of all the texture.
I hope you will be inspired to try making your own hexagonal layouts. See you next month.

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