Let sleeping dogs lie…

Don’t you just hate thinking of blog post titles?!?!? I know this one might sound a bit strange, but when you look at my LO I have to share, you’ll see where I’m coming from!

So a whole month has zipped by and here we are on the 1st of a brand new month. July is the BESTEST month, and the BESTEST people are born in July 😉

So, did you enjoy all that June on the Sarah’s Cards blog brought to you? We’re loving the new system, and we hope you are too. July will be chock-a-block full of beautifulness too, so make sure you come back each day… or at least every few days to see what’s ocurrin!

I just loved this photo of my dog taking an afternoon nap on my new jammy dodger cushion (that’s what the kids call it). I decided to create a circular LO, and used pink to match the cushion, white dotted Swiss, and a Hambly overlay cut to shape. I picked out a range of patterned papers that matched the turquoise colours of my other cushions. After punching some circles and cutting an oval, I stuck the shapes under the overlay, using the printed design as a guide. Once the photo was stuck in place, I added a couple of border punched strips below, and hand cut some of the lovely peacock feathers from this paper. I decided to delve into my stash from ye olde days of card making!!! I’m sure I’m not the only person who used to be a card maker, and who bought everything they could lay their little hands on, tried everything, often only once, and as a result has a stash of unused supplies!!! Well, I found a quilling tool, and a heap of quilling papers, and thought why not! I kept it really simple and added a few strips of paper stuck on their edges, and a some tightly coiled circles as flowers. Simple but effective, and cute to boot!
Keeping the floral theme going… hey, I have boys… if I get the chance to use flowers in abundance on a LO I take it and run with it! I saw these cute fabric flowers on Pinterest ages ago, and when I saw this fabric swatch book, I just knew I had to have a go at them. And because I’m kind, I took a few step by step photos, so you too can have a go.
Use a template to draw 5 circles on your fabric. I used a 1.5 inch circle for my flowers.

 Cut the circles out. Fold each one in half, and then into quarters.

 With a long length of good quality thread, stitch along the curved edge of each folded circle.

 Once all 5 circles are stitched, pull the two ends of the thread and tie securely. This is why you need good quality thread… I used cheapo stuff the first time and it just snaps at this stage, which is hugely annoying!

 I added buttons to the centres of my flowers, but a smaller circle of contrasting fabric, or a Prima flower centre would work too.

Ta Da!!!! How easy is that?
I can see fabric flowers appearing on LOs throughout galleries and blogs very soon…. and we’d love to see how you use them. Leave us a link to your work in the comments box so we can pop by and have a looksie.
I’ll be back tomorrow with another couple of LOs to share.
Bye for now

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