Jane Davenport Magic Wand Pencils

Jane Davenport Magic Wand pencils
Hello magpies!
December is such a busy month, and I’ve scarcely had time to sit and leisurely enjoy my usual hobbies lately. The craft desk has disappeared under stacks of parcels and paper and ribbons and cards! I need to dig it out again.
I have, however, been enjoying some colouring in during the dark evenings. The adult colouring market is huge at the moment, with such a wide variety of themes available to colour in. All your usual themes like botanicals, animals, buildings and people, alongside quotes, mythical beasts and cakes. Whatever you are into, there’s likely to be a colouring book available to you. If you haven’t tried it yet, then I urge you to do so! Colouring is very relaxing, can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, is a great family activity, and is a wonderful creative outlet. It could also be incorporated into other crafts – you could colour an image to place on the front of a card, or colour a cut out title for your scrapbook layout.  Mixed media is big news in the papercrafting world too, and coloured pencils are the perfect addition to your supplies.
(Also, look how pretty these are! What a delightful rainbow.)
In the Hey Little Magpie shop you will find Jane Davenport Magic Wand colouring pencils. This is a set of 24 pencils in a rainbow of shades, presented in a durable and practical tin case. The set includes several skin tone shades, and gorgeous blue/greens, as the shades are based on Jane’s art and colour schemes. These are advertised as a mixed media product, and they do coordinate with many of the other Jane Davenport supplies from American Crafts, so they are ideal for using alongside other products. They work best on matt surfaces, rather than glossy ones, and can be used over a variety of other mediums including paints.
The first thing I loved about these pencils was the shade names – such fun and descriptive names like 70s eyeshadow and heart throb! I used the back page of one of my colouring books to create a swatch of shades. The pencils are quite soft to use, but I didn’t particularly have any problems with sharpening them and breaking the pigments, which can be an issue with pencils. You can deliver a lovely variety of shade to your work by pressing lightly or more firmly on the page and by building up layers of colour. When you apply a light coverage with these pencils you can appreciate the texture underneath the colour applied, which I really like, and you can build up colour by going over the same area again. In the same way, you can layer two shades over the top of each other to create new shades – I used heart throb and egg yolk to create a lovely orange colour, for example.
I wanted to show off the beautiful vibrant colour palette, so I chose a festive owl drawing from one of my colouring books – this is from a Johanna Basford book. You can see many of the gorgeous shades that are included in the pack here, and like I said before, some additional colours that I’ve made by layering two pencils over each other. I found these pencils really lovely to use – they distribute pigment evenly and without harsh lines, blend together beautifully, and make it easy to create a variety of depths of colour. Compared to more expensive fine art supply pencils they perform really well, for a good price. I love all the blue and turquoise, and pink and purple shades – so pretty!
I would really recommend colouring as an enjoyable pasttime, and I’m looking forward to including some coloured in elements on my next scrapbook layout, when I manage to find my craft desk under Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful festive season, and I’ll be back again in the new year.
Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and once again you can find these pencils in the shop here:
Jane Davenport Magic Wand Pencils

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