Coming ready or not!

So we are now in September and don’t shoot me but there is no denying that its getting a little darker on a night and its getting a little colder, so it must mean that Christmas must be coming.
Ok so its quite far off now but I am a bit of a fan of Christmas so I am here to show you how you can be organised for Christmas.
I dont know about you but i love joining in the challenges that are always around in December but it also happens to be one of the busiest months of the year, so I have made a little mini book in advance.
I have used the fabulous MME 12 Days of Christmas line 
I got the 
a bit of bling 
Journalling Sprouts 
and my favourite thing ever Kraft 
so i started with a big pile of my goodies 
What I completely love about this 6×6 pack is that its double sided, I dont think i have seen a double sided 6×6 before. It is fantastic for mini books, no sticking 2 pages together business or anything and anything to save you time is a good thing right?

I started with my front cover, kept it simple and to the point. I did this the same size as im not sure if this will go in a 6×6 album or what. 
So the thing about making mini books is 90% of the time you have photos to go with them but obviously i dont, so i just got to work.

(Forgive the bad light), so this piece of paper was quite a busy one and there are a few busy ones in the pack, instead of just sticking my die-cut on there which clashed horribly i put a bit of good old kraft.

Much better

As with the previous mini book i have made for the blog, i used a lot of the leftovers from what i had cut out. The thought had crossed my mind to seek out some mini books online and have a look for inspiration but i decided just to go for it.

I built the pages up gradually, taking about 2-3 mins a page sometimes less.
Remember not every day will have photos on it, some will just be journalling. 

So on I went, I think it took maybe a couple of hours max, I tried to include a couple of journalling spots every couple of pages, because we need to know what is happening in the photo etc dont we?
I also went for a busy page on one side and a erm less busy page on the other side.
If the paper was a bit too busy for me I used a bigger piece of kraft to tone it down or a different patterned paper.
So here is how it turned out.
Really simple pages

that will just need a title
or a bit of journalling 

or a cute photo

to get you on your way.

Busy page on right so added more neutral paper.

and then it was done
I used the whole of my 6×6 pack, now how often do you buy something and actually use it all, it feels pretty satisfying.
Now this mini book can apply for anything, this would be a great gift, or for a summer holiday, a wedding etc. Spend a couple of hours, buy a few embellishments, a 6×6 pack (there are tons to choose from) and get going. I made 24 pages and now I am all set for December. 
You can make this as easy or hard as you like, you could add hand stitching, machine stitching, paint, mists, buttons etc depending on how much time you have.
But why not give it a try, a great way to document your summer maybe.
Well I hope I have been of some help and I hope I have inspired you to have a go
see you next time 

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