A Tale Of Two Minis – Fun Versus Functional Mini Spreads

The Mini is a must-have planner! Seriously Magpies it is! It’s portable, cute as a button and super easy to use whether you’re new to planning or not. A traditional Mini has a weekly horizontal layout, with added notes space. However, there are lots of other styles of layout that come in this adorable size. I am still using my Squad Goals one from last year so, unfortunately, this exact design is sold out. But never fear there are always new covers and inside designs being released. Just choose your favourite! Then you can customise it like I have. I swapped out the cover for this super fun ice cream one from the Happy Notes Ice Cream & Popsicles Mini dot grid notebook. And I also swapped out my discs to create this rainbow effect using the Medium (Classic) discs value pack.

Fun Versus Functional

Like all Happy Planners, the Mini gives you a blank slate to put your plans, ideas and memories on to. But sometimes it can be hard to decide how you want to do this. Is your planner a fun or functional space? Or some combination of the two? I find, especially in my Mini, that it really depends on what kind of week I am having. As I often use my planner on-the-go, weeks when I am at work tend to be more functional. There is less decoration and more room for to do lists and appointments. When I am on holiday, I switch to more of a memory keeping layout, using larger stickers, quotes and lettering. Luckily I am slap bang in the middle of two such weeks. Last week I had a week off, and this week I am heading back to work. So let’s take a wander through my planner.

Starting From Scratch

If only every week was a vacation week am I right! Although I didn’t go anywhere, I still made the most of my time off last week by doing absolutely nothing. I mean, I love plans and planning, but sometimes I just have to put everything on pause. And I’m pretty sure there is no better way to signify a chill out session than with this girl in a pool floaty sticker from the Squad Goals sticker value pack and a huge vacation banner from the Happy Memory Keeping Dates & Holidays sticker value pack.

I ended up mirroring this girl with another one up on Monday. And I also made a note to get to the tennis courts with this tiny racquet sticker from the Sports sticker value pack. As I had very few actual plans, I only highlighted the top moments of each day, and on Tuesday I didn’t even do that! Remember, you don’t have to cram your planner full of things. Carve out some breathing room and enjoy your stickers! I used a family time sticker from the Mini Planner Basics sticker value pack because that is what I did. Although I eventually added a quote from the Happy Memory Keeping Dates & Holidays sticker value pack too.

When I did do something I was really proud of – I finally played some tennis – I gave myself a reward sticker. This one is from the Mini Super Mom sticker value pack, and there are loads more hilarious banners for when you need a reward for adulting.

Cut It Up

As if I needed another reminder of just how lazy I was last week! But I couldn’t resist and had to use this big lazy days sticker, again from the Happy Memory Keeping Dates & Holidays sticker value pack. This sticker pack is designed for the Big Happy Planner so the stickers are extra large but can still work in the Mini. I like to cut up and reposition them to fit my layout. Using a pair of scissors, I carefully cut between the two words so I could place them horizontally instead of vertically. I do this quite often with stickers. Although it can be rather nerve-wracking as the lettering gets very close together in places and you don’t want to damage a letter!

That Fun Look All Finished

I do really enjoy memory keeping in my Mini. The smaller space means you have to be more concise and creative. Last week ended up looking super cute! Even before the pen!

Don’t you just love a close-up? Let me breakdown some of the details here. I did highlight my payday and bills to pay using these functional stickers from the Mini Mom sticker value pack. Yes, I know I said this was fun, but bills apparently don’t care! I also grabbed a fitness watch sticker and this walk sticker for my hike on Friday from the Mini Healthy Hero sticker value pack. Throughout my spread, I used the text and tiny icon stickers from the Mini Super Mom sticker value pack. I cannot recommend this sticker pack highly enough. It has so many functional clear stickers in it, but they’re still cute which is a must in my book. Finally, the foodie sticker, I think it is supposed to be a rice bowl of some kind, is from the Food sticker value pack.

The whole spread before the pen seriously makes me happy. It reflects exactly how I spent my week off without being overwhelming, and it was a doddle to put together.

Adding in the pen, I kept to the basics just reflecting what the stickers signified. I always try to squeeze in a bit of lettering practice too, and I think it adds some flair to Friday for sure. With my week off all wrapped up, I then planned out the upcoming week. I do still have the first couple of days off. However, when I’m working, I need much more functional space.

Mini Pre-planning Moment

So I’ve swapped from memory keeping to pre-planning. The change is subtle but distinct. Easy to see when you compare my note section from last week to this week’s one. Instead of a girl relaxing in the pool, I’m maxing out on to do lists, coffee and a reminder that adulting is hard! I’m pulling all the functional stickers from the Mini Mom sticker value packMini Planner Basics sticker value pack, and Mini Choose Happy sticker value pack.

When I set up my Mini for the week ahead, I leave much more room and only make a note of what is truly important. I put down my work shifts first, then birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. This week it’s Pancake Day, and I am super excited! I had to use a stack of pancakes from the Food sticker value pack. I also include any appointments I have, and what days I have off. This helps me to forward plan what I can get done on a particular day and means I don’t double book myself.

My final key to maxed out functionality is colour coding. I use colour coding a lot, and I do keep a standard setup throughout all my planners. Dark blue is my everyday writing pen, pink is for work and orange is for holidays. I also use purple for birthdays and red is for important things like getting this blog post published! If you’re finding you can’t keep on top of your to do list, try colour coding it. The visual difference between separate tasks can be extremely helpful, especially when you’ve become really used to it. I recommend starting with only one or two additional colours, to begin with so you don’t get overwhelmed.

The End Of Our Mini Tale

And just like that we’re all done. We’ve delved into two ways to set up your Mini Happy Planner, but there are so many more. Customise your planner to suit your needs and remember you can change it up each and every week. If you want to see how my Mini looks all completed at the end of this week, head on over to my Instagram, @veryimportantplans. Give the Mini a try Magpies! Until next time, stay golden!

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